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Training and Capacity Building


At Blue Water Company, our commitment to advancing wastewater management is evident through extensive Training and Capacity Building initiatives. Having trained over 300 sanitation personnel, including workers, self-help groups, and government officials, our comprehensive programs cater to a diverse audience. Recognizing the pivotal role each group plays in sustainable water practices, our specialized training modules cover the construction, operation, and maintenance of wastewater systems, equipping professionals with up-to-date knowledge. We extend our outreach to communities, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. By empowering individuals and organizations, we aim to bridge the gap between awareness and action. Get in touch with us to initiate transformative training sessions, paving the way for a future where trained professionals and informed communities collaborate for responsible water management, ensuring a cleaner, greener environment for generations to come.

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Training of Sanitation Workers

We empower sanitation workers through comprehensive training encompassing safe emptying of faecal sludge, operation & maintenance of treatment plants, and health and safety measures. Our hands-on sessions, supervised demonstrations, and practical exercises ensure proficiency in tasks such as safe handling of sludge and wastewater, operating electrical and mechanical equipment, record keeping, contingency measures and customer service. In-classroom orientations broaden their understanding of sanitation, hygiene, environmental pollution prevention, and public health, emphasizing their pivotal role in advancing sanitation practices.

Training of Officials

We empower government officials with a comprehensive understanding of sanitation, covering infrastructure, services, and governance. Our training focuses on regulatory implementation, existing and potential technologies, and global best practices. Through engaging activities like role-plays and demonstrations, we equip officials to supervise sanitation interventions, prioritizing worker safety. Exposure visits to facilities enhance their capabilities, ensuring inclusive service delivery and health and safety for all citizens, particularly vulnerable communities.

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Capacity Building of Communities

As the government increasingly outsources operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities to self-help groups to promote livelihoods and community ownership, we are dedicated in enhancing the capacities of such groups. Our sessions start with in-classroom orientations, emphasizing the importance of treatment plants for sanitation, preventing pollution, and improving public health. Demonstrations cover day-to-day operations, periodic maintenance, contingency measures, supervision, health and safety protocols, and record-keeping. Beyond training, we offer handholding support as a technical expert providing ongoing assistance, troubleshooting operational challenges, and acting as guides for continuous improvement. This collaborative approach ensures empowers these groups to navigate complexities, enhance operations, and contribute effectively to community-driven wastewater management.

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