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Sustainable Toilet-Cafes

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In India, the crucial importance of public toilets, especially for women, underscores the need for innovative solutions. Blue Water Company responds by successfully operating toilet-cafes in Leh and Pune cities of India. The models include both standalone structures and creatively refurbished buses.

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Ti Bus, a repurposed city bus in Pune, is at the forefront of circular economy innovation, emphasizing both financial viability and women-friendly public sanitation. Transforming retired buses into pay-per-use toilets, Ti introduces a sustainable aspect to urban sanitation. Its revenue-generating model incorporates diverse services like laundry, a café, and sanitary product sales, bolstering its circular approach. Equipped with sensors that monitor footfall, ventilation, and humidity, along with TV screens for educational content, Wi-Fi and feedback monitors for user input, Ti Bus integrates technology for effective operation. Solar panels power the buse. The Soch-O-Mat app facilitates user navigation to nearby toilets. Ti Bus symbolizes circular innovation, financial sustainability, and women-centric solutions, showcasing its potential for a holistic societal impact.

All-weather Toilet Cafe

The all-weather public toilet cum café in Leh is a vital initiative addressing the challenges posed by extreme weather and high tourist footfall. With a lack of proper public toilets in Leh, this aesthetically pleasing and hygienic facility, incorporating local architectural methods, ensures year-round functionality. The addition of a café and sales outlet enhances its eco-friendly design. Notably, the facility is accessible with a ramp for people with disabilities. The user fees from the washrooms and income from the café and sales outlets contribute to its financial sustainability, making it a crucial asset for Leh's unique conditions.

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