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Professional Cesspool Cleaning Services


According to the National Statistic Office, as of 2018, approximately 83% of India relies on pits and septic tanks for sanitation. It is crucial to safely empty and dispose of these systems periodically at treatment plants to ensure safe sanitation practices. Unfortunately, most of the time, these systems are not emptied hygienically, leading to indiscriminate disposal of sludge into the environment—empty lands and water bodies—resulting in significant damage to both the environment and public health. Blue Water Company addresses this issue, offering city-wide pit and septic tank cleaning services in collaboration with city governments. Successfully implemented in Leh, Ladakh, and Dhenkanal, Odisha, our leading-edge, technology-driven approach ensures efficient wastewater management. Choose us for cleanliness, efficiency, dignified sanitation work, and convenience through advanced technologies and a dedicated call center.

Hygienic and Dignified Service

Our exemplary septic tank and pit cleaning service sets industry benchmark of dignified sanitation work. Our trained personnel form the backbone of this service. Treated with utmost dignity, our workforce undergoes extensive health and safety training and is provided with essential personal protective equipment, ensuring their well-being while delivering exceptional service.


GPS Monitoring of Vehicles

Blue Water Company employs GPS tracking for  cesspool cleaning vehicles, ensuring prompt service delivery and monitoring. This technology guarantees that our vehicles adhere to designated routes, preventing reckless disposal of collected faecal sludge into the environment. We prioritize responsible waste management by ensuring that all waste is disposed of at the designated treatment or disposal facility, contributing to environmental preservation and public health.

Call Centre Service

As part of this service package, a call centre is set up for the particular town. This serves as the central hub for receiving service requests related to septic tank and pit cleaning. Beyond being the first point of contact for booking services, our skilled team is committed to collecting valuable customer feedback and promptly addressing any concerns or complaints, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience.

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Digital Payments

Embracing modern convenience, we prioritize transparency in all financial transactions, allowing the option of digital payments for the customers alongwith cash payments, ensuring clarity and efficiency in every service engagement.

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