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Construction and Operation & Maintenance 


Embark on a sustainable journey with Blue Water Company India, providing a tailored end-to-end wastewater treatment service for cities, apartment complexes, institutions and commercial complexes. Seamlessly integrating nature-based and electro-mechanical technologies, our commitment spans from Construction and design implementation to the intricacies of sewage treatment plant (STP) and faecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP) operations.

With successful implementations in 8 cities across 4 states in India, trust us for proven and reliable solutions.


In Construction, we utilize advanced techniques for robust wastewater infrastructure. The Design Implementation phase integrates Nature-Based solutions and cutting-edge Mechanical Technologies for optimal efficiency. Our sewage treatment plants (STPs) and faecal sludge treatment plants (FSTPs) processes adhere to industry standards, ensuring thorough purification before discharge and/or reuse of the treated effluent and bio-solids. 


Operations and Maintenance

Experience seamless operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants. Our professional solutions ensure excellent housekeeping of STP/FSTP premises, supported by trained personnel, all ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operations at affordable rates. Choose us for a reliable and cost-effective approach to wastewater treatment.

Monitoring and Upgradation

Extend your wastewater management beyond construction and O&M with Blue Water Company. Benefit from our services including Annual STP Health Check-up, STP on Rent for temporary sites, upgradation of existing STPs and FSTPs, and the integration of IoT for enhanced efficiency. Ensure excellence with effluent quality monitoring.

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