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About Us

Siddipet FSTP
Sanitation Worker in Safety Gear
Dhenkanal FSTP, Planted Gravel Filter

Welcome to Blue Water Company, a beacon of change in the sanitation landscape. In alignment with the World Health Organization's staggering statistics — 82,900 annual deaths due to polluted water and poor sanitation — our mission is clear. Established in 2018, we are a social enterprise dedicated to transforming water and wastewater infrastructure.

While the esteemed international non-profit, BORDA, laid our foundation, we've evolved into an independent entity, now proudly supported by 3S Saraplast, a renowned leader in Indian sanitation. This strategic partnership has not only provided ownership but also crucial investment, enabling us to advance our vision.

At Blue Water Company, we confront the stark reality: between 2017-2022, 347 manual scavengers and numerous sanitation workers lost their lives in India. Additionally, 72% of urban India's wastewater remains untreated, posing severe public health risks. Fueled by a commitment to environmental protection, worker well-being, and public health, we've developed a sustainable business model anchored in these principles.

As a triple bottom line company, we harmonize wastewater treatment, profitability, and the safety and dignity of sanitation workers. Our workforce, with 80% hailing from lower socio-economic backgrounds, including former manual scavengers, embodies our dedication to social justice. At Blue Water Company, we are more than a business; we are a force for positive change. We use technology, IoT and quality business practices improving the provide professional services to a sector which has largely remained scattered and low-quality. Connect with us on our journey as we create a healthier, safer, and more dignified environment for all.

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